Busy Is Not A Badge of Honor

Busy Is Not A Badge of Honor


I was always one of those women who prided herself on how well I could multi-task my way through my days, weeks, months, and life.

I was the working mom and partner who knew I could do it all, believing that if I was not continuously busy, my life was not full. I said yes when I desired to say no and saw no reason to prioritize when I just assumed, I could do everything.

I’ve spent the last decade recovering; following my heart, deepening my relationship with myself, focusing on what is working well in my life, and infusing new learning into other areas.

Are you wearing your tiredness like a badge of honor? Are you feeling exhausted? Do you consider being overwhelmed and stressed by your norm? Are you yearning to feel better, spend more time with yourself, your partner, your kids, and slow down?
Limiting beliefs, antiquated routines, and outdated patterns drain our energy. I made a decision to receive the support I needed to make the changes I desired.  You can, too. Choose today to take the first step. You can get the support you need. If not today, when?

‘Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.’ – Rumi