Executive Coaching

“Leadership isn’t limited to the C-suite and neither is my clientele.  I work with high achievers from business, the arts, education, philanthropy, and politics. My specialty is helping ambitious people leverage their strengths while finding the courage to acknowledge their vulnerabilities. This is how I will help you find balance, reward, and results.”
– Elaine Copeland

Executive Coaching

Coaching for those seeking to strengthen job performance and accelerate career success. 

Drawing from my 30 years of corporate program development and coaching, my proprietary process will identify and leverage your strengths to become a more effective leader. I incorporate a wide range of tools and philosophies, from simple values clarification to cutting-edge theories around authentic leadership. Prepare to be challenged. 

With executive coaching as a catalyst for personal growth and professional effectiveness, these sessions will: 

  • Unlock personal potential and performance
  • Enhance leadership qualities and effectiveness
  • Build confidence in prioritizing and executing decisions
  • Leverage strengths and acknowledge opportunities for growth
  • Find life balance and resiliency for high-performing individuals
  • Empower personal and career goals to establish an action plan for measurable results

“Since I have been working with Elaine my self-confidence has grown tremendously. She has been able to help me see my worth and has given me the tools and taught me techniques to be my best self.”

Angela Watkins
VP of Operations

“After a coaching session with Elaine, I feel re-energized, re-focused, and renewed. Elaine is a caring and gifted coach.  I feel so fortunate to have her as my coach, and I would recommend her highly to you.”

Helen N.

Areas of Expertise

Team Building · Internal and Interpersonal Communication Skills · Stress Management · Mindfulness in the Workplace · Lifestyle & Balance · Workplace Culture & Curriculum Development · Conflict Resolution & Facilitation · Organizational Needs & Program Assessment