Live Life Fully


Live Life Fully


As we enter into August, and many of our routines are adjusting for a new school year, it’s a good time to take a personal look at what’s working and what is not. Look at the speed that you move throughout your day, show up at work, spend time with your partner, children, friends, co-workers, and most importantly, yourself. I don’t know about you, but my speed of life had been in the 100+ miles an hour at times until my head hit the pillow at night. Over the years I began to look very closely at how that was impacting me, my family, and life.

We live in world of multi-tasking – reading e-mail, texting, talking on the telephone, making breakfast, paying bills, and scanning the newspaper – possibly all in the first 30 minutes of our day. Why is our life so fast paced? It seems that life should have gotten easier and less hectic with the luxuries of dishwashers, microwaves, electricity, and other modern conveniences.

The truth is we all have the same 24 hours in our day. Are your choices increasing the speed of your life?  When I reached the 110-mile mark and knew I was about to crash I applied the brakes. I slowed down and assessed my choices, surroundings and people in my life and had to decide if I desired to continue moving forward on the path I was on.

Look at how much you are doing and your willingness to receive support. Note how much time and energy you devote to you, and your own well-being. Take the time to slow down, assess your surroundings and find the balance, or in my case, the speed, at which you are most comfortable so you can live life as your best self.

Enjoy your remaining days of summer!

Learning not to grapple with every little thing that comes along is quite a struggle for many of us. The eggs are too runny; the coffee is not hot enough; the clothes don’t fit exactly perfectly.  Some of us have so fashioned our lives around perfecting the details of the small stuff that we never catch a glimpse of the bigger picture.  We so distract our lives with details and convincing ourselves that everything matters that we live out of harmony and out of balance.

Anne Wilson Schaef