Mastermind Circle


If you listened to the voice of your heart, what would you hear?

If you’re being honest with yourself, the answer could be unexpected.

You’re someone with endless energy and limitless creativity.  You’re always growing and learning, embracing new possibilities and exploring new ideas. It’s how you’re built. 

But sometimes on this growth-minded journey, you can get stuck. You hit a brick wall. Absent are the clarity and focus that have been your sure companions. Life suddenly feels like a bit of a mystery. 

Something doesn’t fit. You feel like you don’t fit.

“If I listened to the voice of my heart, what would I hear?”

Stop, for just a second. Think, for you. What might you find if you slow down and spend time honestly looking at yourself and your life to discover what you want?

Don’t be scared.  When you take the time to listen to your heart, you are taking the time to find your inner magic.

Mastermind Circle

The Chrysalis Process

The Chrysalis Process may be exactly the next step for you, and what you’ve been looking for.  Chrysalis offers you the opportunity to slow down, to listen to yourself, and to find your inner magic. 

This is a highly customized program designed to help you meet your personal goals, whether they have to do with your health, family, relationships, career or business. If you’re not sure what those goals are right now, I’ll help you discover that. You may be surprised, and pleased, at what you find when you allow yourself to ask what it is you really want. 

Chrysalis is three months of focus, self-care, and personal growth.  It’s an immersion into yourself in order to transform into your best self. Chrysalis will support you to access the deep power you already have by integrating cumulative wisdom, tools, and practices you’ll learn to apply to every area of your life.  

You will connect with a small and intimate community of women who, like you, are dedicated to discovering what matters most to them.  This group will be a pivotal support for you in this process, and you will be that for them.  Together, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and perspectives in a supportive, safe space.  

Bi-weekly group calls, along with one-to-one access to me, as your mentor, will give you 360-degree support as you explore what it means to listen to your heart.

Sound intriguing?  Interested in learning more?  Click below to connect with me.  Let’s get started on something new.