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Areas of Expertise

Team Building · Internal and Interpersonal Communication Skills · Stress Management · Mindfulness in the Workplace · Lifestyle & Balance · Workplace Culture & Curriculum Development · Conflict Resolution & Facilitation · Organizational Needs & Program Assessment



Is your daily routine of balancing work, kids, commitments, health and partnership more heroic than any mountain climber or crisis negotiator? 

Do you feel pressure to have it all, to do it all, be it all? As if that weren’t enough, are you also under great pressure to do everything at exceedingly high levels of mastery?

Can you make executive level decisions at work, yet be overwhelmed by the cereal aisle at the grocery store? 

I incorporate a wide range of tools and methods for your continued growth and improved relationships, which both contribute to a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Presence is being present in the workplace, in your living room, in your partnership, in life.

“Leadership isn’t limited to the C-suite and neither is my clientele.  I work with high achievers from business, the arts, education, philanthropy, and politics. My specialty is helping ambitious people leverage their strengths while finding the courage to acknowledge their vulnerabilities. This is how I will help you find balance, reward, and results.”

~ Elaine Copeland

Praise for Elaine