Intuitive Coaching

Areas of Expertise

Team Building · Internal and Interpersonal Communication Skills · Stress Management · Mindfulness in the Workplace · Lifestyle & Balance · Workplace Culture & Curriculum Development · Conflict Resolution & Facilitation · Organizational Needs & Program Assessment



As a dowser for 25 years, Elaine applies dowsing to personal wellness and spiritual well-being. She has been fortunate to learn from gifted dowsing mentors and spiritual teachers, as well as from her own healing intuition.

Elaine supports clients to enable them to uncover their own intuitive wisdom and to tune into their inner guidance, which creates a powerful sense of harmony, balance, and clarity. She is passionate about helping others wake up to their greatness, inspiring people to be all that they are.

Elaine combines down to earth experience with insight and sensitivity. This one-of-a-kind session utilizes all of her skills and training—intuitive readings, energy education and training, spiritual healing techniques, and other tools that help you connect with yourself. Elaine has a wide range of experience working with many individuals in many situations.

You will experience the whole of Elaine’s depth and training in these comprehensive sessions.

Praise for Elaine