Meet Elaine

For years, I was the card-carrying President of the “People Pleasing club, creating a discrepancy between how I said I wanted to live my life and how I was actually living it. My wakeup call came when I realized my business was flourishing, I was doing work I loved, yet my time with my family had been relegated to the back burner.

What I valued most was at stake—and once the veil was lifted, I worked with a mentor, simplified my life and started building a life and business that represented my true priorities.

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Today, I am passionate about supporting women to simplify their own lives, create more peace and fun to enjoy the type of life balance that we all talk about, yet always chase.

For more than three decades, I consulted for major universities, multinational corporations, coached top executives and entrepreneurs. I founded and sold two successful businesses and helped others do the same.

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