Uncover what matters most to you

The value of life experience is hard to quantify. That’s why it’s invaluable.

I’ve been shaped by interesting, diverse, challenging, and rewarding experiences that roll into a personal and professional portfolio worth sharing.

So, that’s what I am doing.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I’ve lived on both coasts and on two different continents, experiencing the flavors that come with each locale. For more than three decades, I’ve consulted for major universities, multinational corporations, and entrepreneurs. I’ve founded and sold two successful businesses and helped others do the same.

And yet, my first love—no matter where I am or what I’m doing—is my work with women.

I love mentoring and supporting women in all aspects of their lives: lifestyle, well-being, self-care, business, and relationships. I come to this work honestly.
Married for more than 30 years, and a mother to two children, one day I received a real wake-up call. My business was flourishing, my clients were thrilled, and I was doing work that I loved. But the more success I enjoyed at work, the more I put my personal priorities and the needs of my loved ones on the backburner.

So, I had to take stock of my values, ask for help, and start building a life that represented my true priorities.

It was hard work at times. But it was also rewarding work. It was work that changed my life, and I committed myself to helping other women discover a similar, new footing. I work with them to help them find their focus, get clarity about their lives, and tap into the energy to realize their own dreams and passions.

Claiming a new way to live my life? Yes, it was hard work, and sometimes scary. But it was also great fun. Whether I’m indulging in delicious food or hiking in the forest with friends, it’s all part of this Jersey girl’s adventure toward living my life with passion and grace.

Uncover what matters most to you, and discover yourself on your own amazing journey.

I’ve opened up additional spaces for one-on-one professional Mentoring and Executive Coaching.