Virtual Masterclass

Watch Your Words, Your Life is Listening

Interested in diving deeper into the power of your thoughts, words, and actions? Want to explore the creative genius of visualization?

Watch Your Words, Your Life is Listening is a three-hour workshop in which you will experience the strong impact your words and thoughts can have in shaping your life and your future.

Elaine will teach concrete strategies to help you open up to new possibilities for your life.  She will share her own experience, practices, and steps that will show you how to embrace the strength of your words and thoughts, open yourself to new possibilities and make room for what’s next for you.

Discover specific, tangible ways to use your power by creating and adopting daily practices and strategies that help you achieve the changes you want. Come away from this workshop with a personal plan of action that will become a compass—guiding you toward greater self-awareness, a more empowered mindset, and a way of speaking in the world where your words are impactful, where your words matter.

Join this small group of women committed to creating new ways of living in the world—for themselves, their families, their work, and the wider community. Receive support to stay on the cutting edge as a woman and as a leader in these changing times. Join us as we travel from dreaming ambitious visions to practicing the concrete steps that will make them a reality.

Watch Your Words, Your Life is Listening will give you the resources, energy, and the companionship of women who are ready to move forward in our lives, to walk in new directions, and to make new discoveries about who we are—and who we want to be.

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The next class will be coming in December 2020.